We build websites and design your branding and marketing collateral to help grow your business.


We help business owners by developing functional design elements like websites, brand identity and marketing collateral.  From logo design, stationery, brochures, billboards and vehicle branding to WordPress websites – and everything in between – everything we create is with an understanding of how these elements fit into the bigger picture.

We take time to understand your goals, what your business offers, its marketing channels, its supply chain, and where it is positioned in the competitive landscape.  To achieve this, you can assume we have various, specific skills and talent, but we also bring diverse business and life experience to every project we work on.  We work hard and we love what we do, it’s different every day!

Potion Design Studio is based in California, but was born in 2001 at a coffee shop in South Africa – a crazy place but the coffee is awesome and the people (like Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk and Charlize Theron) are famous!  What co-founders Denis and Chanel have in common is the passion for things at the intersection of creativity, technology and sustainability.  At Potion Design Studio, we want to help business owners build better businesses through design and tech development.

Chanel Gavson

Graphic and Web Designer who has worked on big brands – American Express, Apple, BMW, Landrover, British Airways, Danone, Colgate and Harry Potter.

Denis Collis

Web Developer and Software Design Engineer currently developing an embedded system, he has worked with tech giants like Hewlett Packard and Silicon Graphics.

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